What is an Open Source?

Open Source refers to a computer program in which the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modifications from its original design.

Open Source Software is software whose source code is included with the version and customization is actually encouraged by making it available to the public for copying, modifications and redistributions without paying a single penny.
Open Source has found its use in almost every field - Computer Software, Electronics, Beverages, Digital Content, Medicine, Research & Development, Robotics, Fashion and many more.

Some popular open source software are:
  • Application Servers (e.g. Tomcat)
  • Content Management Systems (e.g. Drupal, Joomla)
  • Database Software (e.g. MySQL)
  • Email Applications (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla)
  • Programming Languages (e.g. PHP, Python, PERL, Ruby)
  • Text Editors (e.g. Notepad+, Emacs)
  • Web Servers (e.g. Apache, Filezilla)
  • SDK's (e.g. Eclipse, Android)

And other notable software like JavaScript, Node.js, .Net Framework, is an open source, object-oriented, component-based MVC PHP web application framework.
To be considered as open source software by the software development industry, certain criteria must be met:
  • The program must be freely distributed that is made available free of charge to the general public.
  • Source code must be included.
  • Anyone must be allowed to modify the source code.
  • Modified versions can be redistributed
  • The license must not require the exclusion of other software or interfere with the operation of other software
The people who support the open source concept believe that by allowing anyone who is interested to modify the source code, the application will be more useful and error-free over the long term.

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