What is Object Oriented Programming?

Object Oriented Programming:

Everything in this real world which we can see and touch is an Object. Think about a world without object. Something horrible right!!

What is real world object consists of?

A real world object contains some name, colour, weight, height. And it can do some actions. So we can say every real world object have some state (name, colour, weight, height) and behaviour (Actions).
Every Object has its own specific state and behaviour. For Example a driver can drive a car; a farmer can farm the land.
In real world some objects depend on other objects to perform some tasks. Car depends on engine to start and stop. Manager depends on accountant to know financial status of the company.
All objects have a common name in this world which is not really existed. Is there any Tree in this world? Object oriented programmer will say no.
Because Tree is common name and the type for all trees like apple tree, tamarind tree, oak tree, pineapple tree, banana tree.
Car is a common name and Type for all Cars like Alto,Honda ,Hyundai,Swift,Skoda.
Object oriented programming has come up with the idea of real world objects and their common types. In Software development every software object will have certain state and behaviour. And every object will have common Type.
So now a day’s Object oriented programming is the common concept for many programming languages like Java, .Net, PHP, Python. So if we know object oriented programming concepts we can program on java, .Net , PHP, Python as well as in Android. Only the syntax will change.

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