What is Software Development Kit(SDK)?

The SDK stands for Software Development Kit. The term software development kit is generally used to refer to a set of resources made available by platform vendors to enable development on that particular platform.

The resources in Software Development Kit include Integrated Development Environment (IDE), different tools, API libraries, sample code, supporting technical notes or supporting documentation.

Think about the situation where there is no SDK. Then how can you develop application? First you have to design the SDK and then start developing application. So difficult right!!!

SDK has some libraries in the form of API (Application programming Interface) to interface to a particular programming language.

So every programming language contains SDK. Programmers use SDK for application development.
For example:
Android SDK contains Android API libraries required for Android Application Development. Android programmer uses Android SDK.
Java Development Kit (JDK) contains its own API to develop applications on Java platform. Java programmer use JDK (Java Development Kit), it’s a kind of SDK for Java developer. Every Software language has its own SDK.

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